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Over the past several years, there have been four (4) Civil Resolution Tribunal (“CRT”) actions filed against the Strata Corporation - most of them for violations of the Strata Property Act (SPA).  One additional CRT action was withdrawn during the negotiation stage of the CRT process after an agreement was reached, however the matter had to be re-filed later as the Strata Corporation (through the Strata Council) failed to fulfil its part of the agreement.

Of the three CRT actions that went to decision, ALL went against the Strata Corporation.

In at least TWO of those CRT actions, the Strata Corporation remains in contravention of the CRT orders.

The Strata Manager is currently an employee of Quay Pacific Property Management, a firm with offices in New Westminster and Vancouver.

The employee they have assigned as Strata Manager to Glencoe Estates has demonstrated questionable professionalism, appears to lack a basic understanding of service provider contracts with Strata Corporations work and has demonstrated poor attention to detail.

Even ignoring that E-mails and letters regularly have spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, the Strata Manager has repeatedly provided incorrect or invalid E-mail addresses when supplying contact points in notices to owners, and has even provided an E-mail address that is for a completely different Strata Corporation.

In the past when owners have pointed out to this Strata Manager errors in materials or Emails they have sent to the owners, the Strata Manager has become extremely defensive and stands their ground.  Typically they spend far more time essentially arguing the point than would be spent simply correcting the mistake.

Often the Strata Manager has made inaccurate statements or assertions in an apparent attempt to draw attention away from the errors they have made, or to dismiss/disregard what others have said.  When these false or incorrect statements or assertions are called out, or the Strata Manager is asked to provide facts to support those statements, they suddenly stop replying.

Glencoe Estates is a townhouse and condominium complex in the Newton area of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
From a location and amenities perspective, this complex has it all.  Located easy walking distance from amenities such as Costco, Real Canadian Superstore, Newton Wave Pool/Recreation Centre, Starbucks, Shoppers’ Drug Mart and more.
The suites are large and well equipped, and there is lots of green space.  Within the centrally located Recreation Centre, there is an activity room that can be hired for private gatherings, an indoor pool, sauna and small weight room.  Just steps from the Rec Centre, there is a new and modern playground.
What else can you expect to find at Glencoe Estates?
Questionable Management
Repair Requests that Are Ignored

In CRT Action  ST-2020-006539, an owner requested repairs on a “Common Property” telephone utility line.  If something is “Common Property”, it belongs to the Strata Corporation and it is the Strata’s responsibility to repair and maintain under section 72 of the BC Strata Property Act (“SPA”).  The owner requested the repair in April of 2018, and the Strata Manager, along with the Strata Council and other Strata Corporation staff, failed to take adequate steps to have this common property utility line repaired for almost three years.

It took the filing of two CRT cases to finally get the repairs done.  The first CRT case was withdrawn after an agreement was reached to facilitate repair of the utility line without further impediment, but unfortunately the Strata Corporation did not follow through - leading to the second case being filed.

Even with a CRT order that the Strata Corporation repair the utility line without delay, the Strata Manager and Strata Corporation representatives failed to take any action to facilitate the repair, and it was left up to the owner to make arrangements for the repairs to be carried out by the utility service.  This resulted in the owner being billed by the utility service for repairs to the Common Property line and the owner has since submitted a request for reimbursement of those costs.

More than seven months after the CRT order, the Strata Corporation has yet to reimburse the owner for CRT costs, and almost three months after being requested by the owner to reimburse them for the utility service repairs, the Strata Corporation has not done so.

Anecdotally, other owners have expressed concern about the length of time it takes for the Strata Council to approve requests, or for the Strata Manager or Strata Corporation representatives to get around to repairing damaged common property.

Apparent Disregard for the Strata Property Act

In CRT Action ST-2018-001882 it was found that the Strata Corporation (though the Strata Manager and Strata Corporation representatives such as Council and staff) were in violation of the Strata Property Act and the Strata’s own bylaws by failing to provide documents as requested by owners, or by either failing to provide Council Meeting minutes to owners within the timeline required by the Strata Property Act.

Even into 2020 and 2021, the Strata Corporation cannot be relied upon to provide owners with Council meeting minutes within the requirements of the BC Strata Property Act.

in CRT action ST-2020-006558 it was noted that not only did the Strata Manager fail to follow through with the Strata Council’s direction to ask for more information regarding a request made by an owner, in a follow-up request for the same issue by the owner some time later, the Strata Corporation violated the Strata Property Act by not granting a requested hearing to the owner within the legally required period.

This is not the first time that the Strata Corporation has disregarded the Strata Property Act in this regard - although in an earlier instance the owner reminded the Strata Manager of the SPA requirements so they grudgingly scheduled the owner for a hearing at the last possible moment.

A Council That Doesn’t Like Being Questioned

Typically observed at the Annual General Meetings (“AGM”), owners can expect to be told to “shush” by the Council President if he doesn’t like you questioning something the Council is attempting to push through on the agenda.  At the 2021 AGM, the President silenced (‘muted’ in “Zoom” speak) an owner whom - after an invitation for comments on the issue were made by the President, and a particular owner patiently waited for the opportunity to go on record to express concerns about numerous errors in the notice of the AGM, or restrictions that were imposed against some owners that would have prevented them from attending the AGM.  The Council President repeatedly prevented this concerned owner from expressing those concerns.

So, unless you’re singing songs of praise about the Strata Council, expect to be cut off quite quickly.

Should You Buy at Glencoe Estates?

If you’re looking for large units with lots of surrounding green spaces that are close to many of your every day amenities, most definitely.

If you’re looking for a Strata Council that will look after your investment, respond promptly to concerns and that is both transparent and accountable to the owners, this may not be the place for you.

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